• Carefully choose an indoor location for the new water heater, because the placement is a very important consideration for the safety of the occupants in the building and for the most economical use of the appliance. Whether replacing an old water heater or putting the water heater in a new location, the following critical points must be ...
  • May 20, 2009 · Water heater thermostat "vacation" setting question Hi all: Earlier this year, we had a new Bradford White 50 gal. gas water heater... Setting water heater thermostats
  • That’s where Whirlpool ® genuine parts and accessories come in. Our factory-certified parts provide you with a promise only Whirlpool brand can make: through safe and genuine appliance replacement parts, we will care for your appliance like you care for your home every day.
  • Set the temperature of the water reservoir (hot water heater) to 140°F but deliver the water at 120°F by way of a mixing valve. The reviews and recommendations look great. It automatically adjusts (via internal thermostat) the amount of cold water to output 120°F.
  • Premium Electric Water Heater Tune-Up Kit ) Electric Water Heater Tune-Up Kits provide a quick and easy way to replace the most common items on the most popular water heaters. Includes two 240V/4500W Screw-In Elements with Gaskets Includes both Upper and Lower Thermostat. Includes: AP11695-4 (1) - Thermostat - Electric AP11698-5 (1 ...
  • Re: Thermostat setting on dual-element heater Author: LemonPlumber (FL) Unless you draw in cold water.Then the lower wants to kick in just before the circ sends tempered water back to the heater from the loop.during day time /timer use.we have moved away from thermal clips on the circ and aqua stats and are using the 1/4 hour timers.
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Jan 19, 2009 · Why Adjust Hot Water Temperature? If you can stand shorter (or cooler) showers, turning down the thermostat on your water heater is a great way to save on your electric bill each month. Also, according to the EERE, a lower hot water temperature reduces mineral build-up and slows corrosion of your hot water pipes.
Feb 04, 2010 · You have to understand how factories and brands work. The brand produces a "line" of water heaters, some better than others, some bigger than others, all depending on customer demand. If Whirlpool manufactures a 4500 watt 50 gallon water heater, it's gonna have the same guts as the 3500 watt model. Your water heater has two thermostats, therefore, two temperature dials. The panels are located on the side of the hot water heater. One will be in the lower third of the unit and the other will be close to the upper third. There may be a layer of insulation that conceals the thermostat from view.
The tune up kit helps prolong the life of your water heater by renewing the key electrical components of your water heater. The kit includes two 4,500-watt, 240-volt water heater High Watt Density 1? screw-in elements with gaskets, one Therm-O-Disk 240-volt lower thermostat and one Therm-O-Disc upper thermostat.
The Takagi brand has delivered innovative hot water solutions for over 70 years and is sold exclusively by plumbing wholesalers and contractors. Takagi’s selection of residential and commercial tankless water heaters are unmatched for quality and diversity. Recent Whirlpool Water Heater questions, problems & answers. Free expert DIY tips, support, troubleshooting help & repair advice for all Whirlpool Water Heater products.
• water supply to this heater must not exceed 180° f. WATER TEMPERATURES IN EXCESS OF 180 ° F WILL CAUSE THE HIGH LIMIT CONTROL (ECO) TO OPEN AND SHUT OFF THE GAS 2 flashes = high water temperature (the water heater comes set at 120, and you can set it lower or higher) 3 flashes = sensor failure (temperature sensor similar to a thermostat on regular water heater) 4 flashes = upper element 5 flashes = lower element Links below are for Whirlpool manuals http...

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