• Sep 04, 2012 · This is a vac issue. There is a leak somewhere you just didn't find it yet. I recently this year read of a similar issue where the owner traces the leak to the vac lines at the select switch knob. First check your blend door and connection to it. Then trace each vac line and connection. The vac resivoir is under the battery.
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  • The charcoal canister is an emissions piece and can be the source of hard starting (do a search for more info--lots written about it). Most dealers won't remove it, so if you want to do it you'll have to do it yourself. Not many mods are easier than this, so long as you know which line to cap and which to vent.
  • Carbon Canister Vac 77 / 78 GMC. Vacuum, Electric, Timing, throttle position, amd engine temperature. are all used in this analog control of the vapor control system. We can see that even the distributor is a vacuum Retard and Advance type that are interconnected to the vapor system. Improperly connected or leaking Vacuum lines can cause the engine to run like a toilet.
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  • If the vacuum pump is installed incorrectly, the seal will be pulled open, causing a false leak. Incorrect Installation of VAS6213 vacuum pump on the Canister Purge Valve (N80). This will create a false leak resulting in unnecessary replacement (Figure 9, Bosch valve shown below). Figure 9
Jan 15, 2018 · It can be checked by applying battery voltage to see if it seals shut. . the one on the firewall is the canister purge solenoid and it is controled by the computer it opens to evacuate the tank to check for leaks. it usualy makes a pulse from the vacuum supply to apply to the tank and lines. there is also a pressure transducer at the tank that reads the tank pressure and sends that reading to the computer.
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The vapor escapes through a vent in the gas tank cap to a charcoal filled canister called the evaporative emissions canister. The charcoal absorbs the gasoline. Under certain pressure and temperature conditions, the vehicle’s computer sends a signal to open the vapor purge solenoid, sometimes called the vapor vent solenoid. Vacuum from the ... The leak was the o-ring in the canister end fitting on the tank-to-canister pipe. I was chasing a P0445 "large leak" code. From that pipe the tank holds vacuum, and the engine side holds vacuum when I put a cap on that port.
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Got the code from the shop today: P0456 - emissions control, very small leak. Did a search of the internets and turned up somebody else that had a problem with the charcoal canister valve. Code 85 - CANP solenoid - The Carbon Canister solenoid is inoperative or missing. Check vacuum lines for leaks and cracks. Check electrical wiring for loose connections, damaged wiring and insulation. Check solenoid valve operation by grounding the gray/yellow wire to the solenoid and blowing through it.
Is the charcoal emission canister (right side of engine bay) airtight? I have been searching for a vacuum leak and this may be the elusive culprit. Two vacuum lines run to the front of this canister: one from the airbox (just below the air filter) and a smaller line (I do know know where this one runs to - but is is currently connected somewhere). See full list on autoservicecosts.com

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