• The tubes include NOS Amperex PQ's, NOS Silvania Gold Brand, NOS Telefunken Smooth and Ribbed plates, NOS RCA Clear tops and the now unobtanium NOS 1963 GE long plates. While there are considerable differences between these tubes as to SQ, all of them sound to my ears superior in one way or another over the EH's, or the Sovtek's. YMMV.
  • nos 1958 berlin telefunken ecc83 12ax7 precision test select audio diamond tube. c $259.00. was: c $323.76. c $50.22 shipping. telefunken 12ax7 ecc83 vacuum tube match pair early 1957 small logo <> bottom il. c $396.42. c $65.91 shipping. or best offer.
  • The NOS Telefunken Long Plate 12AX7 (Ribbed Plate) <> Bottom are $224.99 each. These are a little brighter and more detailed than the smooth plate and work perfectly as the phase inverter in Dumble style amplifiers or when you are needing a little more crisp clarity from a 12ax7. Tested and noise tested on our VTV tube characterizer! $375.00
  • I recently came across a bunch of mostly NOS tubes I’d bought years ago for some tube rolling experimentation I tried with a vintage tube preamp. Unfortunately for me, fortunately for you, since that preamp is long gone and my current preamp doesn’t use these tubes, I have no use for them. The...
  • The Northern Electric 12AX7 is made with the highest quality materials. Everything is designed to give you unsurpassed audio quality. This tube has very large smooth plates. This design is much like a Telefunken smooth plate but a bit shorter. This design provides plenty of gain while maintaining an extremely low noise floor.
  • Ei 12AX7 NOS Ei 12AX7 is a superb sounding 12AX7 with flat plate design. Design closely resembles that of Telefunken ECC83, as Ei built their 12AX7 tubes on Telefunken supplied equipment. Ei closed the factory some time ago, and these are no longer made.
Jan 24, 2001 · ECC83 is European nomenclature for the 12AX7. 7025 is a low noise version of the 12AX7. CV4004 is a Mullard version of the 7025 designed for military applications. 5751 is a tube designed for use by the military. The internal construction is very solid and compact. 5751 tubes have 60% of the gain of a 12AX7. Highs are suposed to be subdued on the 5751.
FOR SALE: NOS 12AX7 and 6922 Vacuum Tubes - Telefunken Mullard Siemens Tungsram: Vacuum Tubes - Valves: $1.00: NJ Apr 04, 2020: 16 : FOR SALE: Tung-Sol 12AX7 Gold Pin Matched Pair: Vacuum Tubes - Valves: $55.00: WA Mar 28, 2020: 17 : FOR SALE: Small signal tubes 12AT7, 12AX7, 12AU7 Variants: Vacuum Tubes - Valves: $20.00: CO Mar 12, 2020
Telefunken Ecc83 12ax7, Telefunken Ecc83 Ribbed, Telefunken 12ax7, TELEFUNKEN ECC83 Vintage NOS Tubes, Telefunken 12ax7 Nos, Ecc83 Tube, Telefunken Vintage Tubes & Tubes Sockets, Philips Ecc83, Mullard 12ax7, Rca 12ax7 12AX7/ECC83: Telefunken Smooth Plate: NEW (NOS) Seldom available. Please inquire. When I have time I will post them if I have them, but it is best to email me. call/email: 12AX7/ECC83: Telefunken Smooth Plate: USED TESTED GOOD. Good TELEFUNKEN LOGO, tested good for noise, microphonics and gain Very limited quantity of these on hand at any given ...
1 NOS Telefunken 12AX7/ECC83 Smooth Plate Diamond Bottom 1 NOS Mullard (Blackburn factory if in stock first come first serve) 12AX7/ECC83 Grey Ribbed Plate 1 NOS RCA 12AX7 Grey Plate (We can swap for a black plate for small uncharge) Boxes currently in stock? - YES X 3! WE HAVE ONLY A FEW NIB MULLARD & TELEFUNKEN AND ABOUT 100 RCA NIB.
NOS 1961 TELEFUNKEN ECC83 12AX7 MUSEUM TESTED MATCHED PAIR AUDIO DIAMOND TUBES 2. C $475.67. Was: C $594.59. C $50.22 shipping. or Best Offer. Vintage 12AX7A / ECC83 ... Telefunken 12au7 Ecc82, Telefunken 12ax7 Nos, TELEFUNKEN Vintage NOS Tubes, TELEFUNKEN 12Au7 Vintage NOS Tubes, TELEFUNKEN ECC83 Vintage NOS Tubes, Telefunken 12ax7, Telefunken E88cc, TELEFUNKEN Vintage Speakers, Vintage NOS Tubes, Telefunken Vintage Tubes & Tubes Sockets
NOS Ei 12AX7. Thread starter 855; Start date Apr 17, 2014; 8. 855 Member. Messages 127. ... *Ei owned a mix of both Amperex and Telefunken tooling* GT100 Member ... Preamp tubes NOS and like new - the best of the best! Log-in. ... (Best Overall Single) 12AX7 Telefunken Germany ribbed plates NOS 1962 (1.2/1.4ma and Gm=1700/1800)

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