• SwitchResX fixes all that and allows you to select any possible screen mode that your device supports from a comprehensive (yet easy to use) user interface. As a bonus, the missing screen modes will appear in Apple's Display preferences like magic, as soon as you start SwitchResX. Many thanks for making this app available.
  • I have an ultra-wide LG 29um69g (2560x1080) with a new M1 Mac mini and I'm not satisfied with text sharpness and overall smoothness of the system. I've tried to configure Hidpi via SwitchResX and RDM but it didn't work. Did I understand right that hidpi will work fine with any 4K non ultra-wide display?
  • QuickRes for Mac是Mac平台上一款非常好用的屏幕分辨率快速切换工具。QuickRes Mac破解版让您可以放心将您的iMac分辨率设置为极端原生的3840x2400和5K,可以达到7680x4320的最高分辨率!
  • If so, connect Macbook Pro to the M50-C1 (or other M series) to HDMI Port 5 using the CAC- 1170 and HDMI cable (18Gbps capable). Use SwitchResX to change the resolution to either 1080p @ 60Hz (HIDPI aka Pixel doubled) or 3840 x 2160 @ 60 hz (native res). Hold your breath and it should let you finally use your Vizio M series at 4k 60hz.
  • Oct 29, 2018 · Are HiDPI resolutions ultimately dependent on the OS? 'cause SwitchResX lets you put in custom resolutions that don't show up as HiDPI. Also, I'm not disappointed. I just have a 16:10 monitor in a 16:9 world. And I haven't seen a monitor that looks as good as this one, regardless of resolution...
Oct 30, 2020 · 6. Re-boot. You will notice that the HiDPI modes offered by the OS Display preferences are stinking options, there is no 1080P natural scale factor option and the ones they offer make the screen shake and are too lo-res. 7. So go back into SwitchResX and you will now find a 1080P HiDPI option.
Dec 24, 2020 · A third-party app called SwitchResX helps get rid of the issue. “If you connect an ultrawide or super-ultrawide monitor to your Mac with Apple M1 chip, some resolutions supported by your display may not be available,” Apple says in a support document spotted by the folks over at Macrumors .
SwitchResX shows my custom resolutions and I am able to select my custom HiDPI ones there. If I do that, I am at the right resolution and no resolution shows up as selected in Display Preferences. When I uninstall SwitchResX, it seems to undo the set though.I've been working on 4K/HiDPI for the Mac Mini for a bit now and have made some nice progress. Here's my setup: Mac Mini (Late 2012) Intel HD Graphics 4000 Dell UP2414Q UltraSharp 24-inch LCD OS X 10.9.4 Installed mac-pixel-clock-patch to enable 3840x2160 30-Hz support
SwitchResX ($ 15, shareware). SwitchResX, en particular, ofrece toneladas de funcionalidad adicional para configurar resoluciones personalizadas y velocidades de actualización, pero ambas aplicaciones pueden ingresar y salir del modo HiDPI con solo un clic.
SwitchResX for mac 等级: V4.10.1 2020-07-07 7.8M 英文 推荐理由:SwitchResX for mac是一款帮助用户快速修改屏幕分辨率的Mac软件,SwitchResX for mac的菜单栏还是嵌套的上下文菜单管理,SwitchResX都可以为您提供一个非常简便的方式来控制操作更改显示器的分辨率 版本:Mac版 扫二维码安装 macOS Sierra正式版bug:外接显示器不支持HiDPI缩放。苹果上周推送了 macOS Sierra 的正式版,不过在使用了几天后也有用户反映出了一些问题。至于这究竟是个bug,还是苹果有意为之,目前还无法确定。
HiDPI 软件推荐 - SwitchResX. 早期 RDM 这款软件也可以傻瓜式开启 HiDPI 但是好久都不更新了,这里国光推荐另一款软件 SwitchResX: 官网地址:SwitchResX - The Most Versatile Tool For Controlling Screen Resolutions On Your Mac Переключаясь между режимами 1280*800 (hidpi) и 1280*800 при открытом окне Сафари с каким-нибудь сайтом Вы наглядно увидите, в чём разница. И там, и там как бы типа 1280*800.

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