• We won't use Combo locks, we only use the Supra Electronic Lock Boxes. This device keeps a key safely in the lock box, unable to be accessed without an electronic device, either a phone and a key fob, or a device made especially for opening the boxes.
  • The Permanent Mounting Keysafe Pro P500 is the most secure Keysafe available today. Triple wall construction using stainless steel and thick zinc alloy, a heavy duty locking mechanism with a long travel bolt and a clutch system built into the handle preventing forcible entry all combine for maximum security. The faceplate is permanently attached eliminating...
  • The Vaultz company manufactures a wide assortment of lockable media storage containers for the consumer market such as CD/DVD cases, briefcases, file cabinets, laptop cases and toolboxes. Many of their products utilize a three-digit combination lock to secure items inside their storage products.
  • Jul 09, 2009 · If your agent can’t afford the $125 an electronic lockbox costs and insists on placing a $30 manual box on your home, I suggest finding another agent. In the Phoenix real estate market, we use Supra electronic lock boxes that look like this: “Combination” boxes take on several forms, here are a couple:
  • Make sure the Control Lock function is turned OFF. Some ovens may be equipped with Control Lock. Look for "Control Lock" on the oven control console, then reset by, typically, pushing & holding for 3 seconds. To locate the Control Lock feature for your particular model, look in the Table of Contents in your Owner's Manual.
  • Apr 01, 2020 · After you enter the code, release the top of the lock, turn it 180 degrees to the right and push it down into the bottom half. Test the new combination. Enter the new combination and pull the lock apart. If the lock does not open, input the old combination and repeat the reset procedure.
Factory presets combination to '0000' Reset key included; Body Dimension (H x W x D): 4" x 2.5" x 1.5" Shackle Length: 2" Note: In the event that this item is out of stock, we will upgrade you to another 4 number combination lockbox model, JB1003 at no additional cost.
The Locking and Portable Stor-A-Keys are key boxes with resettable three-wheel combination locks. The plastic containers have foam filled storage space that is approximately 1-3/8" wide by 1/2" thick by 3" long, large enough for several keys. A movable dirt guard protects the combination lock from dirt and debris.
Key Safe Lock Box Outdoor Storage Box with Code Combination Password Security Lock Waterproof Wall Mount Push Button for Home Family Realtor 10-Digits 4.4 out of 5 stars 493 $21.98 $ 21 . 98 $36.99 $36.99 Combination Keyless Lock Box - Stores Two Keys ( (Pack of Four) $198.00: Bigger Combination Keyless Lock Box This key keeper box stores multiple keys or cards - 10 to 15 or so depending on the head size of the key or access cards. This is a very heavy duty little box. This model can be screwed on to any flat surface.
If the Vaultz lock box has a combination lock, you need the combination to open and/or reset it. If it has an actual key lock, one can be ordered from the company.
Every Supra lock-box has been assigned a unique CBS code before it leaves the factory. The CBS code is different for every Supra Box you use. Although every Supra lock-box has been assigned a unique code by the factory, you can reset all of your Supra boxes to the same exact code to make it easy to remember. Ideal to use in and around the house, garden, garden shed or conservatory, rental homes, vacation houses, baches, beach homes etc. Lockbox, key lock box, key lockbox, key storage lock box, home security, key security, key vault, bach key security, senior security,airbnb lock box, airbnb key safe, stable security, key lock box - key safe box ...
Sep 18, 2019 · On the back of the box is an image of a key with a circle and line cutting through it. This indicates that you should not place the key back there whatsoever, as this can jam the lockbox. Jammed Lockbox Encounters. Should you encounter a stuck lockbox, Supra has provided a few tips on how to get things working again. If you've forgotten the PIN code for a 10 digit mechanical lock box, don't worry! There's no trick to this, it'll take a while but it'll work. Press the but...

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