• When choosing the perfect keycap set, an important customization option to consider is the keycap profile you intend on using.
  • Australia, it's time to get some colour on your keyboard, and we're going to do that with some nice, quality keycaps. Gone are the days of those thin, crappy keycaps...
  • Grew tired of the bad anodization and sent it to Salvun for sandblasting and cerakoting in the color cruched orchid. It came out super nice and also got an aluminum Salvun keycap in the same color. Well worth the price to have a flawless finish on such a nice keyboard. Also replaced the aluminum plate with a carbon fiber one.
  • KEYSET INFO: GB Starts: October 4, 2020 GB Ends: November 4, 2020 Est. shipping time: Q2 2021 (production lead time ~34 weeks + sample verification) Manufacturer: GMK Profile: Cherry Sculpt: 1/1/2/3/4/4 Plastic: ABS Colors: GMK CR & RAL 1013 Not in the Canada?
  • APRILS’S GROUPBUY GMK Nautilus 2 April 3 - May 5 2020 The classic set from Zambumon is back and at a great price! $115 for a full base kit as well as many other kits to cover most layouts you could need. Check out all the products at the link below!
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WT60-D WEIRDFLEX PCB is compatible with most 60% cases that support a USB-C connector on the PCB. It has tray case mount holes for cases such as Mekanisk Fjell, Mekanisk Klippe, KBDfans Tofu, and other similar cases based around the legacy Poker2 form factor.
Dec 01, 2020 · I have seen the keycaps I want - they are due for a group-buy this week but won’t be delivered until October next year!!! :rofl: Here’s what the original Serika 1 version looked like: (Photo source: keebtalk, Manufac…
Dec 31, 2019 · GMK YugoGB extended til Dec.31,2019designed by the YugoMK CommunityGMK Yugo is a community project of the YugoMK community form by a group of mechanical keyboard enthusiasts fromthe Balkans / ex-Yugoslavia.The Yugo, is a small, unassuming hatchback, and perhaps the worst road vehicles of all time. However, it is something special to the people who grew up form the ex-Yugoslavia.GMK Yugo takes ... It can only be combined with the currently available Salvun Anodized Keycaps. It will run for 2 weeks, until July 3rd. US Customers: Please order directly from Keycult!
San - I create keycap and keyboard review showcase videos. Mechanical keyboards, GMK Keycaps, Mech Builds, Keyboard ASMR/Typing Sounds, and Unboxings.
Calvin Klein Collection.DSA Magic Girl Artisan Brass Keycap $65 Manufactured in Belgium from scratch by Salvun from a solid slab of Brass. The Magic Girl Icon designed by Mintlodica was carefully etched into the brass with multiple passes by a CO2 laser etcher.
There are 24 hours, starting now, to get whatever keycaps you want, anything goes until the limit of 50 keycaps is hit or the time runs out. There are currently 3 styles of 1u cap: Plain. Soft touch. Ripple. All 1u keycaps area available in Cherry, SA, DSA and OEM profiles out of the 3 materials of your choosing: Brass, Copper and Aluminium. Explore @salvun Twitter Profile and Download Videos and Photos Making keyboards and Keycaps. | Statistics. We looked inside some of the tweets by @salvun and here's what we found interesting.

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