• Positive and Negative Inverter Cables Inverter AC input/Output Wires. Ground Bus-bar. ME-BMK Battery Monitor. Top Mounting Bracket. Remote Control. Magnum Inverter/ Charger. P wr fa u lt. Chg inv.
  • Magnum Mini Magnum Panel with 175ADC breaker & 30A dual pole AC input breaker, 120/240VAC, MMP175-30D The MMP (Mini Magnum Panel) has been specifically designed to combine all of the major components required for a renewable energy system ‘” inverter/battery disconnect, AC overcurrent protection, grounding connections, and a full system inverter bypass switch as a convenient way to isolate the inverter for battery maintenance ‘” into a single, easy to install pre-wired enclosure.
  • Magnum Energy ME-RC50 Digital LCD Display Remote Panel with 50 Ft Cable. ME-RC50 Digital LCD Display Remote Panel with 50 ft Cable. Remote - ME-RC The Magnum Remote is designed to be simple to use while offering full menu features for set-up. Easy-to-read: The large LCD screen and at-a-glance LEDs display the inverter/ charger status in a ...
  • Magnum Energy ME-ARC50 Advanced Digital LCD Display Remote Panel Advanced Digital LCD Display Remote Panel For more information about the Magnum Energy ME-ARC50 Advanced Digital LCD Display Remote Panel , please feel free to contact us here or call us at 888.680.2427 or email us and we will be glad to assist in any way we can.
  • The Battery Monitor Kit includes the sense module, sense and communication cables, and a 500 amp shunt. The ME-BMK requires a Magnum Inverter with a “Network” port and a ME-RC50 remote with revision 2.0 or higher. The ME-BMK info sheet can be found under “Manuals” on our site. Interested in Magnum Energy Inverters?
  • The MS Series Inverter/Charger... Remote Control by Magnum Energy®. This top-grade product is expertly made in compliance with stringent industry standards to offer a fusion of a well-balanced design and high level of craftsmanship. Manufactured from industry-leading... CSW Series Transfer Switch by Magnum Energy®. 15 A.
The Magnum ME-RC Remote Control communicates with the inverter to easily operate and monitor your inverter and charger from a remote location. This Remote Control has an easy-to-read LCD screen and displays the inverter/charger status with the at a glance LEDs.
The Magnum Energy MM1212, 1200 Watt, 12 Volt Inverter/Charger with 70 Amp Charger is versatile, easy-to-use, and lightweight making it a reliable base for your renewable energy system.
24vdc To 120vac Inverter ME-MR (ME-MR25) The ME-MR remote control allows monitoring and customization of basic operating parameters of Magnum Energy brand inverter. ME Series Inverter Charger | 4000W 24VDC Pure Sine Inverter Charger MS-PAE | RD Series Inverter Charger | MM Series Inverter Charger.
Magnum Pigtail Adapter - ME-RSA-M: Magnum, Remote Switch Adapter - Pigtail Adapter for Remote Switch, Momentary, ME-RSA-M. The ME-RSA and ME-RSA-M Remote Switch Adapters allows users to connect a external switch and remotely turn the inverter ON and OFF. The ME-RSA requires a "maintain" or on/off type of switch to turn the inverter ON or OFF.
Magnum Energy MM-RC25 6 LED Remote, With 25' Cable, Use with MM612AE, MM1212, MM1512AE and MM1524AE. The MM-RC is one of two remote controls available for use with the MM/MM-AE Series inverter. The other is the MM-R. The appropriate remote to use depends on whether your inverter includes the battery charger feature. Magnum Energy Remote Control for all Magnum Energy Inverter/Chargers. The Magnum Remote is designed to be simple to use while offering full menu This cable is a 4-wire, twisted-pair, telephony standard with RJ11 connectors on each end. A standard telephone cable may be substituted if the...
The MS Series Inverter/Charger from Magnum Energy is a new pure sine wave inverter designed specifically for the most demanding mobile applications. The MS Series is powerful, easy-to-use, and best of all, cost effective. These inverters are designed for RV, marine and truck applications. Power Inverter Remote Control; To Monitor And Operate The Inverter And Charger From Remote Location; LED Status Indicators And LCD Display Screen; Black; With 50 Foot Remote Cable/ Four Height. 1". Specifications of Magnum Energy Power Inverter Remote Control ME-RC50. Compatibility.

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