• Budget anywhere from $25 to $75 per ton, depending on the size of the rock and its quality, and $40 to $110 per cubic yard (which covers about 100 square feet with a 3-inch layer of mulch).
  • “Unbelievable deal! Best price! Quick delivery! Would work with this company again if I needed sod. It's been 9 days since we laid the sod and it's beautiful. Definitely 5 stars for ACT OF SOD! Thanks guys for helping to make my yard look beautiful again!” Evelyn T. Lodi, CA
  • Even basic turtle enclosures are modestly elaborate to purchase and set up. Cost varies widely; a stock tank-based 200 gallon setup on the floor is much cheaper than a 100 gallon glass aquarium setup on an oak stand, but much less enjoyable without the eye-level side-wall visibility. A metal stand is cheaper than an oak stand.
  • Aug 18, 2020 · Short Answer: The tuition cost at The Goddard School varies by location and the age of the child. In general, full-time tuition ranges from around $1,400 to $1,650 per month at most locations, while part-time tuition for before- and after-school programs costs between $520 and $800 per month.
  • Asphalt driveways are a very cost effective and popular choice in driveway options. However, it is very important that you hire a competent and experienced asphalt paving contractor in order to get the results you want. Asphalt driveways are very durable and can last twenty years or longer if they are properly installed and maintained.
  • We re-stock our boulder yard with 1-3 new truckloads of yardstock daily from our sites in Congress, AZ. That’s 23-66 tons daily of boulders! 5-15 full trailer loads per week means almost 100 – 300 tons per week goes in and out of the yard-making us the largest local supplier of great looking landscape and water feature boulders.
My pool was built in 2008 at a cost of approximately $26,500.00, fortunately, I included a “rock clause” in my contract which saved over $3,000.00; it took about two and a half months to build in the city of Willow Park, Texas which is just west of Fort Worth.
Re: tons to cubic yards by Michael Berry on 04/22/05 at 17:50:58 The material we have is dug from a pit in south florida around Lake Okeechobee it has a little marrow and the rock I think is lime rock most of it. As for the crush rock it has fines and 2-3 inch rock. The fines is sand with pebbles in it. Top soil is black dirt.
Welcome to The Rock Shop Offering mulch, compost, soil, rocks and equipment rentals for all your landscaping needs. Located right in the heart of Durham, we are able to deliver to Durham, Chapel Hill and Hillsborough. Our customer base consists of homeowners, landscapers, schools, non-profits and YOU! Does cold weather cause more water main breaks? Water main breaks are more likely to occur when frost penetrates deep into the ground, to a level of 3-5 feet, usually from late January until early April. While cold temperatures may send the frost deeper, the level of snow cover is also important. Snow will act as a "blanket" insulating the ground.
Colorado River Rock. Also known as Glacier Rock, these smooth round rocks come from the rivers and streams of Colorado. They are a mixed rainbow of subtle colors including grey, beige, red and brown. These decorative rocks are ideal for use in multiple landscape designs. Our CO River Rock is available in 1.5”, 2-4” and 4-8”.
Cost Per Ton 2,000 lbs Cost per sq. foot at 2" deep ... River Rock - Regular 1 3/4 x 1/2" ... Per cubic yard Estimated Cost per Sq. Ft. Brown Shredded Hardwood Bark ... Some purists might consider fake grass to be over the line, but the newer faux turf doesn't make your yard look like a putt-putt course, nor does it get so hot it burns your feet like the fake turf in your parents' day. "It's great for somebody with no time on their hands," says Doug DeLuca, founder of Federal Stone and Brick in Sterling, Virginia.
How much does a pool cost? A swimming pool costs anywhere from $5,000 to over $100,000, depending on what kind of pool you want. Inground pool prices start from $35,000, above ground pool prices start at around $7,000, while plunge pool prices start around $8,000. A directory of marinas, boaters services and marina information in Connecticut, United States. Free marina reservations and marina reviews worldwide.

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