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  • It has an octal base, indirectly heated cathode 6.3V/1.5A, plate dissipation 25W. It’s capable to give 11W in Single End configuration and up to 100W in push-pull amplifiers running 800V on plates in B class. Russian equivalent, but not completelly exact is 6P27S / 6П27C. EL34 EI Yugoslavia (pre WAR era) EL34 Fivre Italy EL34 Philips Metal base
  • Mar 29, 2009 · ECC is a european designation, hence Marshall, from England came with ECC-83 pre-amp tubes, while Fender [american] came with 12AX7's, same tube, different designation.
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  • User Manual: 1964_Allied_Electronics_Catalog
  • The Mullard 12AT7 Preamp Tube type is equivalent to the European ECC81 tube and can be used in any 12AT7 or ECC81 circuit. For more technical information on the 12AT7 ECC81 vacuum tube, read here.
23.40 €. NOS ECC81 = 12AT7 RFT. Made in East Germany. LIMITED SUPPLY. Only as long as stocks lasts.
ECC81 Equivalent, ECC81 Datasheet, ECC81 Hoja de datos, ECC81 PDF, Stock, ficha de datos "Ei-RC" - Electronic tubes factory ECC81/12AT7 ECC81 is R.F. Double Triode Data Sheet Page 1 of...
Driven by a pair of 12AT7/Ecc81 valves and a custom transformer, the spring reverb circuit in the MKIII has undergone significant upgrades. It is our richest sounding spring reverb design to date, with a more intuitive and usable sweep, ranging from subtle air to full-on surf. Mar 23, 2008 · ecc81 ecc82 ecc83 ecc85 ecc88 ecc91 ecf80 ecf82 ech42 ech81 ech83 ecl80 ecl83 ef41 ef80 ef85 ef86 ef89 ef91 ef92: 12sn7 6sn7 ecc33 ecc81 12at7 b309 6679 6201 ecc81 12at7 6679 6201 b152 6281 0y4 0z4a 5517 6h6 dd6 6al5 eb91 d152 6663 5726 6al5 d77 dd6 eb91 6663 5726 1a3 id13 hd14 1h5 1s5 zd17 ifd9 1u5 1ah5 3a5 6al5 d77 d152 5726 6663 eb91 eaa91 ...
Note: the European nomenclature for the 12AX7 is ECC83; the 12AT7 is ECC81; and 12AU7 is ECC82. The Mullard ECC83 is a superlative piece of engineering, the high grade materials and well-considered construction ensure very low noise operation with exceptionally low microphony – vastly superior to any tube manufactured today. Even though the ...
The LCA 2B is an all-tube VCA compressor/limiter with two independent, linkable channels. It's a true TUBE VCA compressor, using a tube as the VCA (voltage controlled amplifier). This kind of compressor is also known as a Vari Mu compressor. This contrasts with the 6AB4/EC92 and 12AT7/ECC81 which are both R.F. devices operating up to VHF frequencies. Double triodes of the 12AU7 family have a center-tapped filament for use in either 6.3V 300mA or 12.6V 150mA heater circuits. As of 2012 the 12AU7 continued to be manufactured in Russia, Slovakia (JJ Electronic), and China.
Dec 06, 2018 · The Blackburn factory in Lancashire was the source for Mullard's best sounding tubes. Vacuum tubes constructed in Blackburn are considered to be some of the most influential audio tubes ever made. The most famous of these include the EL34, EL84, ECC83 (12AX7), ECC81 (12AT7) and others. The 6SL7 type of valve has the same base as output valves such as the 6V6, 6L6, EL34 etc and were bulky, so the ECC8X family made a lower power, much smaller pre-amp valve. ECC81 is 12AT7 medium gain pre-amplifying double triode. ECC81 (2) ECC83 (4) 1819 EQ Clear Facets. These are rarer than gold in this quality! Made in Ulm, West Germany.

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