• Aug 19, 2013 · Mandalas are hot right now - big, small, or used as the basis for a whole pattern, these circular crochet patterns are fun to make! No longer used only as a religious symbol, they can still be meditative to make and admire. And in yarn they can be useful too - as potholders, trivets, wall and table decor, or as part of a bag, blanket, rug, or even a bag! So here are 10 free mandala crochet ...
  • Boho Crochet Rainbow Free Pattern 41+ Crochet Projects 2020 What's crochet ? Anybody who uses crochet or not, miracles whether the phrase crochet just describes clothing models that stand out in a society. Here is the answer to the question "What is crochet ". crochet , crochet , crochet … What is this crochet ? […]
  • Aug 19, 2016 · Summer, the season to covering the body with a gentle and elegant tunic or shawls. This what we present today belongs to the collection of the most impressive and beautiful. Phenomenal beautiful and effective covering crochet sweater. Share your final work in our facebook groupSAVE THIS PATTERN TO YOUR CROCHET PINTEREST BOARD HERE!Heirloom Boho Crochet Sweater - the free pattern is here. Watch ...
  • Sep 29, 2020 · The pattern will show you how to create a bowl or rainbow pattern. Get the pattern from 1 Dog Woof. 8. Santa Wall Hanging. I thought that it would be nice to include a Christmas themed wall hanging. This Santa wall hanging is the perfect accessory to your holiday decor. Get the pattern from Crochet 365 Knit Too. 9. Clove Hitch and 6 Diamonds ...
  • Aug 22, 2016 · Round 3: Cast on and ch 1. Make a 4 y/o puff stitch and ch 3. Repeat puff stitch and ch 3 in each loop space. Join with slip stitch and cast off. Round 4: Cast on in any space. Ch 3 as your 1st tc (US dc) and then make another tc (US dc) into the space and ch 2. Make 2 more tc (US dc) into the same space.
  • Looking for a scarf for the winter weather or a handmade gift to make? Any of these shawls or wraps would be perfect gift. Look at the reviews and choose one of these crochet triangular shawl patterns. There are a lot of creative crochet scarf patterns. There are lots of different colors you could go with.
My latest: An easy crochet tote bag with a simple and fun bohemian pattern, my Boho Bag is a free pattern here on the blog! Read through my inspiration, design process and everything about the yarn I chose. Purchase the ad-free, printable PDF pattern or scroll down to get the free pattern. My Inspiration of the Boho Tote Bag
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Blog for crochet patterns for boho and tribal lovers. Skip to main content I would like to share with you the idea and, in my understanding, way of making the garments I have designed for crochet. Aug 27, 2020 · Follow this free crochet pattern and learn how to make this trendy, crochet boho baby bib. It’s perfect for selling in your Etsy shop or gifting to mamas to be. The Bitty Boho Bib is a fun and trendy design. The fringe trim and the texture created by the bobble stitch give it adorable baby bohemian flare.
The Boho Crochet rainbow pattern is a sampler style pattern where each row is a different stitch. You will be using chains, single crochets (US), double crochets (UK, US), treble crochets (UK), V-stitches, clusters, popcorns and half double crochets (US)/ half treble crochets (UK). All stitches used are described below.
Boho Rainbow Crochet Home Decor Pattern: You can use any weight yarn to make this crochet boho rainbow pattern. If you're an exciting type of crocheter and always look for something new and stunning crochet home decor patterns, then you'll indeed have to try this crochet boho rainbow pattern.Prism Rainbow Blanket Knitting Pattern. 5.50. Ginkgo Cardigan and Pullover Crochet Pattern. ... The Boho Bikini Set Crochet Pattern. 8.00. The Wild Vera Vest Crochet ...
Jul 19, 2016 · Look how some lace trim and a pretty Liberty print gives a baby romper a sweet boho vibe! I’m loving this! Kate from See Kate Sew has a free pattern and tutorial on her blog. Her free pattern fits babies 0-3 months, a perfect size to give as a baby shower gift! Click below for her free pattern: Boho Baby Romper Pattern, by See Kate Sew May 07, 2016 · Psst! Have you tried crochet? Some are hesitant to pick up the crochet hooks. Because all they’ve seen are overly sweet looking baby blankets and baby booties. Surely there must be more to crafting than that. Well we can only agree with you. That’s why we’ve found you 36 creative crochet projects to try. But don’t be surprised: modern crocheting offers you a real unique take on what ...

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