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  • Laurence finds 22 000 roman coins with his DEUS metal detector A simple frequency change bagged Laurence 22.000 Roman coins Whilst detecting on a quiet field in East Devon Laurence Egerton came across a very strange signal, as he passed his 9” coil over the target it sounded like large Iron.
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  • Regton stocks a wide range of metal detectors and accessories for metal detecting from manufactures worldwide. You are also very welcome to visit our showroom in Birmingham, where you are able to see and try all of the major Metal Detector brands.
  • May 17, 2019 - WW2 metal detecting videos. Watch as these relic hunters unearth WW2 history before your eyes. See more ideas about ww2 metal detecting, metal detecting videos, metal detecting.
Metal detecting around an old house produced this 1938 Mercury dime, two wheat pennies, a 1920 and a 1929, a couple brass gears and Metal detecting around an old church built in 1854 produced some nice finds. First coin found was the 1917-D Lincoln wheat cent so things got off to a good start.
WW2 diggers. Metal detecting World War The ... Ленинградский Фронт.Коп по Войне.4 дня в лесу. 2-я часть WWII Metal Detecting part 2 Search for WW2 relics with metal ...
Jan 05, 2015 · Originally Posted by Big Treble View post I got this one from Ralph at Sunray Detector, made by the amish, he has two models a right and a left hand(the picture shows both), it has a internal sheath for the lesche, this is HD and the last you will buy. Third part from the Team-Up with Nick from History Secrets. Thank you for this great support here! We will keep doing our best, to entertain you ;-) best...
Metal detecting ww2 battlegrounds: "Cap insignia and paratrooper relics" (20). Jettie Bertram. WW2 : Seelow Heights relics tour part 1/2 - metal detecting and more. doloresjoan7203. 15:23. Metal detecting: Found a complete US Soldiers Lunch box from ww2.
Metal detecting finds - Best of 2016 , 17 & 18 Read More. Buy Photos. 2 / 98. Favorite See All. Great Seal button from World War 1. 20170821 091826 No Comments; Photo ... Recent amazing finds include: Amateur treasure hunter Michael Darke discovered 800 gold coins worth up to $800,000 - while housewife Mary Hannaby's metal detector picked out a gold treasure worth $250,000 during her sunday metal detecting walk. Site: Metal detecting finds.
We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Metal Detecting & Gold Prospecting Forums. Metal Detecting For Coins & Relics. Nice video....I would have titled it "My two best finds so far" cuz you aint finished yet! strick.

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