• Mar 27, 2009 · Yarns. Saddle blankets should be woven of animal fibers, as the acid in sweat damages cellulose-based textiles. The wicking property of wool and its loft and elasticity make the blanket more comfortable for the horse. Coarse, hairy, wool that is strong and durable enough for rugs is ideal. Warp: a highly twisted 3-ply worsted wool. ( 850 yards ...
  • Yarn cakes, how I love thee. Here you'll find the similarities and differences between Caron Cakes, Sweet Rolls and Bernat Pop! yarn cakes. Now we are going to add in the Bernat Pop! yarn cakes and the Lion Brand Mandala yarn cakes. Honestly: I love ALL of these cakes.
  • Bernat Blanket Stripes is a long variegated yarn. Full of bright, modern hues, this super chunky-weight yarn is made of easy-care polyester. It's especially suited for wherever you want a big burst of colour. Knit throws, blankets and home textiles of all kinds.
  • Using double pointed needles as straight needles, cast on 6 stitches with the pink yarn. Rows 1-6: knit odd rows, purl even rows. Row 7: k2tog, k2, ssk. Row 8: purl all stitches. Row 9: k2tog, ssk . Row 10: p url all stitches. Row 11: k2tog . Cut yarn pull through loop to close. Weave in this end
  • Jul 14, 2019 · I picked up a lovely skein of hush pink Bernat Baby Blanket yarn for just a dollar at the local thrift store. It is very soft yarn and I used it to crochet this granny baby blanket. I used the country granny dishcloth pattern to crochet this baby blanket. I worked the center start with the hush pink yarn and then used a scrap pastel skein of ...
  • Jun 15, 2014 · I absolutely love doin c2c blankets and coverlet. My latest has been made with yarn scraps or partial skeins from thrift stores and garage sales. I call it my cover of many colors, like the coat of many colors made with love. I will be donating to nursing homes and shelters each time I get one finished..
With the rains coming through the last of the plum blossoms now blanket my mossy lawn. I was working on some socks in honor of the asparagus spearing through the ground. I have this bright grassy Shibui sock yarn and began to make a swatch. Yet somehow the pink snowy plum blossoms looked so beautiful and I had to make a hat.
See more ideas about Blanket yarn, Bernat blanket yarn, Crochet blanket patterns. Crocheted in a modern stripy square, the color possibilities are en... Baby Blanket. Learn how to make this fast, easy and beginner friendly crochet stripes baby blanket using the popular Bernat Baby blanket yarn.
A detailed review of Bernat's Baby Blanket Stripes yarn. Crocheting With Bernat Pipsqueak Yarn. 17 299 просмотров. 03:29. Bernat Baby Blanket Stripes Review.The shawl is designed using just under 200g of dk yarn with a 4 mm hook but this could be adapted to suit your choice of yarn. A super chunky version would be lovely and cosy for the Winter! If using 4-ply yarn I’d recommend using a 6mm hook for a lacy lightweight effect, you’ll need approx 1…
Bernat Jumbo Tuck Stitch Shadow Cables Blanket. This blanket is great if you are looking for some easy colorwork practice. The long narrow stripes combine well with the leafy fringe. This free knitting pattern uses bulky-weight yarn. Pattern attributes and techniques include: Cable, In-the-round...
I made 3 pom poms using the smallest Clover pom maker (the pink one). Chain 35 and fasten off. Sew two pom poms on one end and one on the other. I just twisted the one around the two to fasten. Blanket Row 1: Chain 30 and turn. HDC in the second chain from the end. Rows 2-3: HDC in each stitch across. (28) Row 3: Change to an accent color. SC in each across. Jan 02, 2019 · The pink sample shown used 4 mm needles, the video demo with teal yarn used 6 mm needles. Step 1, band at end of scarf/cowl: Cast on 54 stitches,
Apr 04, 2020 · ...the Dune blanket yarn pack complete with full-color printed pattern, with all the yarn needed to complete the blanket, all wrapped up in the sweetest organza drawstring bag. Wool Warehouse does a great job packaging and shipping these little bundles of joy! While I was at it, and since I was already paying shipping, I went ahead and splurged ... Problem: leaf patterns in knitting require a lot of stitches to make them look detailed, and since I only wanted the green stripes to be 2-3 inches wide (which translates to 8-12 stitches since I was using bulky yarn and big needles), that wasn't going to happen.

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