• Test your knowledge about the American Revolution, and see if you can navigate your way to independence. Every correct answer gets you closer to liberty!
  • A WebQuest is essentially an internet scavenger hunt using websites provided by your teacher. The American Revolutionary War was a turning point in United States history. In order to better understand important events and people of this conflict between Great Britain and her colonies, you will need to "time travel" to various websites.
  • A blog from an 8th Grade Social Studies and Science Teacher at Northview Middle School in Hickory North Carolina.
  • 10: Battle of Point Pleasant, Virginia (disputed as to whether it was a battle of the American Revolution or the culmination of Lord Dunmore's War) Oct. 16: American Militia under General Stark victorious at the Battle of Bennington, VT (actually fought in Walloomsac, New York, several...
  • There were many battles fought in the revolutionary war. The battles were often long and grueling as well. In this webquest you will learn about a few of the important battles and there locations as well as what they look like now. The battles mentioned in this are the battle of Lexington and Concord, the battle of Bunker Hill, the battle of ...
  • In World War II, the number of all war-induced deaths remained below 10 percent of the population, and a slight increase in the number of births per woman could easily have made up the deficit in a few years. (There was also an assist from a lowering of infant mortality rates and a lowering of the death rate in general.)
During the war, millions of animals were used in many different roles to help soldiers in battle and A little terrier dog shows off its catch after a 15 minute rat hunt in French trenches in September 1916. Winnipeg, known as Winnie for short, was an American black bear who was a mascot to Canadian...
American Revolution (1775-1783) - The American Revolution gave the 13 North American colonies independence from British rule and established the Answer: The roots of the Napoleonic wars lie in the French Revolution. Napoleon seized power from the revolutionary government and attempted to...
Revolutionary War Scavenger Hunt. Click on the highlighted words in each question to find the (Be sure to use the link highlighted in this question to find the answer, as it provides the answer to 18. Abigail Adams is perhaps the most recognizable American woman of the Revolutionary era, but...Civil War Internet Scavenger Hunt Author: Greenville Schools Last modified by: Eric Boos Created Date: 11/16/2014 11:39:00 PM Company: The School District of Greenville County Other titles: Civil War Internet Scavenger Hunt
Jan 03, 2018 · Born in the Carolina backwoods, Jackson joined the American Revolutionary War at the age of thirteen. After a reckless youth of gunfights, gambling, and general mischief, he rose to national fame as the general who defeated the British in the Battle of New Orleans.
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This interactive internet scavenger hunt takes students through the pbs.org website. It provides links to answer questions about the events that led up to the American Revolution. This battle was the last battle of the Revolutionary War! Write 3 interesting facts you learned in the space provided...Moreover, the war connects our students to national images: the White House in flames, a Star-Spangled Banner and a war supplier known as “Uncle Sam.” In short, the war spins thread that connects our students to the greater web of American history. That is what gives the War of 1812 a place of significance in the study of the Early Republic.

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