• that would be $15x6 boxes of factory loaded ammo which would be $90 vs taking 25 shotgun shells apart. $9 box of shells, $27 powder, $8 for pistol shot shells, $44 invested to make 68 hand loaded shells $90-$44= $46 difference in handloading over what you would spend buying 6 boxes because only 10 pistol shot shells come in a pack from CCI.
  • Although the .410 chamber accepts the .44 shot cartridges, the .410 case is a more or less straight cylinder while the .44 cases, particularly the .44-40 case, are slightly necked or tapered. Upon firing, the .44 cases may expand slightly to fit the walls of the .410 chamber. Or it may not, see below,
  • Round-Up For Charity. We’re dedicated to giving back to our community. Right now, we are helping improve the lives of those affected by cystic fibrosis (CF) by contributing to advanced research to end this disease.
  • Caliber: .45LC/.410 3" Finish: Blued Length In INCHES: 14 Sights: Y Fluted: N No Sale To California: No Sale To California Other FEATURES:: Ventilated Rib List Price: $479.00 Price: $429.46
  • I'll give you that .44 mag is easier to find on the shelf, but I reload and I'm starting to cast so thats kind of a non issue anyway. I want to know what advantages you get from the .44 and the .41 seperately. I think I want a .41 cause I have a soft spot for...
  • 44 Magnum vs 454 Casull vs 500 S&W Magnum vs Pine Boards (Xtreme Penetrators). 5 shots from 454 Raging Bull Double Action with follow up from 44 Mag Arminius Single Action, 6" x 10" steel plates at 25 yards.
Well putting the .410 slug up against the 44mag and 45lc at 50 yards. Using a Rossi Circuit Judge shooting at a 6 inch target at 50 yards. Now the slugs did...
.44 magnum shotshell patterns and velocity. Shooting from a 7.5 inch barreled Ruger Redhawk. I did a second video to determine maximum effective range for pe...
Based on a high pressure loading of the .44 Special developed by Elmer Keith, the .44 Mag differs from its predecessor in its use of a longer case 38 Special 380 ACP 40 S&W 41 Magnum 44 tadek pokolenie 44 special ammo Special 44 Magnum 45 ACP 45 Long Colt 45 G.A.P. 25rounds / $0.68per round. The .44 Special was introduced in about 1907 and is ... Shooting a 44 mag out of this old single shot 410 that will not die this is not safe to do do not do it.
The .44-40 Winchester or .44 WCF (Winchester Center Fire) was designed in 1873 by Winchester Repeating Arms Company. The parent case is a .44 Henry and the .44 WCF has a rimmed bottlenecked case with a large pistol primer. It was first introduced with the Model 73 lever action rifle and was a popular choice for law enforcement and hunting.
44 Magnum VS 454 Casull VS 500ES Magnum WeaponsEducation. 45colt vs 454 casull vs 410 - Ballistics Gel - Taurus Raging Judge Magnum. Description Smith & Wesson 44 Mag & a Ruger Redhawk 454.The 44-Shot Shotgun A few years ago, my uncle gave me my great grandmother's old Stevens Model 101 44-Shot. The barrel is 26 1/8" long and it's chambered for the .44-40 shot cartridge, although ball cartridges could also be used. The gun is a single shot tip up action and the lever on the bottom opens the breech and also serves as the trigger ...
Samples of our Custom Reloads; A. 24 gauge Shotshell Brass case used to form 577-450 MH & 577 snyder B. 577-450 M-H on Kangaroo brass C. 12 gauge brass shot shell Black Powder D. 35 WCF on Kangaroo brass There are even magnum shotgun loads and magnum rifle loads but I am going to assume you are talking about revolver magnum loads. There is a 22 magnum and 410 bore. Both low ends and there is a shotgun round that puts out more power than the 22 and 356 puts out more power than 410. If you want to compare the most popular three: 12 gauge, 44 ...

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